About Norman Fosback


Norman Fosback has devoted his career to developing investing techniques and strategies and making them available to individual investors at affordable costs. A co-founder of The Institute for Econometric Research in 1971, Mr. Fosback’s impressive field of works for investors broadened consistently for 28 years until he retired from The Institute shortly after it was acquired by Time Inc.

During that period, Mr. Fosback created, wrote, and edited nine investment advisory newsletters (serving hundreds of thousands of investors), authored one of the most highly acclaimed investment books of all time (Stock Market Logic, with more than a million copies in print), wrote a syndicated weekly column on insider trading, and created, edited, and managed one of the nation’s leading investment magazines, Mutual Funds Magazine, which attained a paid circulation of 750,000 under his managerial guidance -- all in his capacity as President and Research Director of The Institute. Mr. Fosback has been quoted in thousands of media articles, appeared widely on financial television, and been sought after to speak at leading investment seminars around the world.

Born in Oregon in 1947, Mr. Fosback studied investments at Portland State University where he authored several papers on equity investing. In 1971, he joined Glen King Parker in south Florida to co-found The Institute for Econometric Research and conduct scientific research into the behavior of stock market prices.

From 1971 to 1975, Mr. Fosback led The Institute’s "Special Stock Market Study". The Study involved a massive investigation of stock price behavior, including a compilation of nearly all prior research in the field, the assembly of one of the largest computerized databases of market indicators back to the previous century, the formulation of mathematical forecasting techniques, and the creation, testing, development, and implementation of concepts and models to predict aggregate and individual stock price performance. Subsequent research extended this body of work to the analysis and prediction of mutual fund performance.

Between 1975 and 1995, Mr. Fosback and Mr. Parker launched nine separate investment newsletters at The Institute based on this accumulated and ongoing research: The Insiders, Market Logic, New Issues, Investor’s Digest, Income Fund Outlook, Hot Funds, Mutual Fund Buyer’s Guide, Fidelity Forecaster, and Mutual Fund Forecaster. Each of these advisories pioneered new methods of security selection and forecasting, and each immediately captured the leading position in its investment advisory niche. Mutual Fund Forecaster attained the largest subscriber circulation of any investment advisory service in history.

In 1993, Mr. Fosback applied these resources to the creation and launch of Mutual Funds Magazine, which he managed, and for which he served as Editor-in-Chief. By the time of Time Inc’s acquisition of The Institute just four and a half years later, Mutual Funds attained a paid circulation of 750,000, making it one of the most widely read personal finance magazines in the world.

Today, Mr. Fosback continues to generate top-flight stock market research and investment systems, and to use his findings to provide investment services for individual investors. His firm, Fosback Forecasts, Inc., publishes Insider Trading Guide and Fosback’s Fund Forecaster. In addition, Mr. Fosback offers personal portfolio management services through Fosback Investment Management.